3 Vital Components That Will Help You Create A Brand Strategy

To help you build, manage and grow your business brand

  • What does my brand stand for?
  • Who are my target audience and what’s my promise to them?
  • What are my brand goals?

1. Brand Image

Factors That Determine Your Brand Image

i). Experiences

ii). Interactions

iii). Your Content

iv). Your Products/Service Offerings

2. Target Audience

3. Brand Purpose

  • Your Vision: Your vision is where you want to go, what you want to become, what you intend to change, cause or effect. It doesn’t have to be very technical, and everyone who works for you (and even your customers) must know what it is. And they must buy into it
  • Your Mission: Your mission is how you intend to go about carrying out your business to eventually fulfill your vision. Since you’ve determined where you want to go, your mission will determine how you want to get there.
  • Your Goals: Every business has a goal, be it short-term, long term or mid-term. It comes at different times and focuses on different aspects of the business brand. For instance, you could set goals for hiring, you could set goals for increasing the number of your customers to X amount in 6 months and so on.



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