How To Become an Overnight Success

Fisayo Patrick
3 min readJun 13, 2022

Don’t believe what they tell you, it only takes one thing

Mr. Beast

Becoming an overnight success is not as difficult as many people have been led to believe. No, really, it’s not. You only need to do one thing.

Before I go into that one thing, I want us to know in literal terms, what an overnight success it is.

An overnight success is someone who wasn’t successful before going to bed that night. But the whole world started to sing their praises when they woke up.

Now, what does it take to become an overnight success? Just this one thing.


Here, let me break it down for you.

Pick up your phone, go over to YouTube and search for a few big YouTubers that you know.

In Nigeria, I know a few like Fisayo Fosudo, Tayo Aina, Sisi Yemmie, etc.

In other countries, I know Mr Beast and a few.

When you get to their channels, scroll down to their very first video…you’ll notice that it seems to be an endless scroll. It will take you a lot of time to get to their first videos.

Looking at those videos will make you cringe, do you know why? Because it’s nothing compared to what they are filming now.

Hardly will you see a successful YouTuber go back to delete their old videos. They always leave it there as a bit of reminder of how far they’ve come. They cringe when they watch it too. But they never take it down.

Mr Beast started posting around 2012. His first videos were so bad, they were on Minecraft I think. But now, he has crossed the threshold. He didn’t just start last night.

Fisayo Fosudo didn’t just start either. He put a lot of hard work int his videos. One day, after years of hard work, he woke up as an ‘overnight success’.

Have you ever read an article on Google about a successful person in your industry? I’m sure you learnt that they didn’t start last night.

Go to your local library or bookstore, get someone’s biography and read their story. You’d find out that they paid the price for many of the things they enjoy today.

Apostle Joshua Selman came to minister at my Church in May. If you’re Nigerian, you’ll know that the man’s name carries weight. The crowd was uncontrollable.

People flock to wherever he is ministring because of the power of God that he carries. Guess what? He didn’t start last night.

He spoke briefly about paying the sacrifice all though his life. And that’s the thing about successful people.

When you study them, you’ll see a pattern of hard work, determination, consistency, sacrifice, failure, grit and so on.

My friends, that’s how to become an overnight success.

After reading this article and doing the research I’ve written about, the next logical step is to chart a course for your own life and plot in all the patterns you’ve noticed in these successful people.

Overnight successes comprises stories of how they toiled, laboured and struggled for years and years before they finally became known.

So how do you become an overnight success? By working toward it.



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