How To Improve Communication Between Yourself and Your Audience

Fisayo Patrick
3 min readJul 27, 2020

I didn’t know communication in business was that important until I heard one day that an employee cost his employer/company a huge amount of money simply because he passed off an “offensive body language” to a customer who was at the point of paying millions.

Communication, whether written, oral or non-verbal, any kind at all, is an integral part of building a successful brand. You need to be able to relay your vision to those who work with you, communicate with your customers (and hide your anger too).

It’s simply conveying messages, thoughts, ideas or feelings from one person to another through the use of mutually understood signs, signals or symbols.

Importance Of Communication

  • It is very vital to an effective and healthy workplace in the sense that it helps teams flow well with one another, relate well with their employers and communicate properly with their customers
  • It is very vital to sharing ideas, thoughts, feelings, information, etc. between the business owner and his/her audience.

The communication process is this: The sender sends a message through a channel to the receiver who then translates the message and gives feedback. Therefore, if the message is not properly received, the feedback will be negative.

Communication is not complete until feedback has been satisfactorily given. Therefore, if you are not comfortable with the kind of feedback you are getting, check the following things:

  1. The Message: If you do not do proper research of who the audience (receiver) is before sending your message, you will not get any feedback at all. Understanding your audience, knowing who they are, what their needs are and how you can help them will help you craft your message properly.
  2. The Channel: The channel or medium that you use to pass your message across is also very vital. Proper research of your audience is also a key determinant here. If your audience like short videos and you send your message via infographics, you won’t get the right feedback.
  3. The Receiver: Here, you need to have identified your target audience and create buyer personas that will help you define your content. If you are a personal finance coach, then let your message target people who are looking for ways to save money and so on.

How Do You Improve Your Communication In General?

  • Do proper research of those who you need to communicate to. Find out what content they digest, what format they love and what their interests are.
  • Improve your own communication skills by learning the various kinds and means of communication. Build your portfolio as well and improve your thought leadership so that you’ll be perceived as an expert.
  • Understand the barriers of communication your audience may have, such as language, cultures, distractions, needs and wants, prejudices, expectations, etc. and try your best to rise above it.



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