How To Improve Your Business Brand With Blogging

Build a profitable blog that accompanies your business

The first thing I tell people who ask me “Is blogging still profitable?” is that, as long as people continue to search for information on search engines, blogs will continue to be profitbale.

I used to blog for fun, just because I wanted to have an online journal. But then, as I started to read other people’s blogs, the way they referred to it as their “business” got me wondering if it was ever possible to turn it into a business.

Infact, some bloggers disclose their earnings, publishing their income reports and all, and I dare say that, the best way to monetize your online presence is to start a blog. Because with a blog, you can sell your products, be an affiliate, sell courses and so on.

Let’s look at how blogging can help your business grow.

How Can Blogging Benefit Your Business?

If you are a small business owner and you’re wondering whether you should start blogging but you don’t know if it will benefit your business, my answer to you is Yes It Will! Building a profitable blog fo your business has so many benefits.

In fact, the benefits are endless. I will give you a scenario, and I hope after you read this post, you would be sold.

1. Blogging Helps Establish Your Expertise

Imagine if you had a small restaurant in the heart of town, but your small restaurant is like a big fish in the large ocean of other huge restaurants most of which already have the hearts and souls of the people in the city and therefore have an excellent customer base.

You are a very talented chef/cook who knows her ways around the kitchen and you have just completed business school, so turning your love for food into business is a mere child’s play. But food and business are not all you need, you are looking for the best way to turn people’s hearts around and make them visit your restaurant.

You have done your research and you’ve seen that the best way to attract customers is by showing them how highly skilled you are, and by showing up where they hang out the most (on the internet). But in this case, your competitors are killing it on social media.

Chef Hammada of RSVP trends every other weekend because he is so skilled in his craft. No wonder his restaurant is the regular place for the food buffs in your city

Social media is a good place to start, but you want to go to a place where you can talk about your unique preparation method, the freshly tapped ingredients you used to prepare your meals, the best dessert that goes with lunch and so on. You can do all this on your blog.

2. Blogging Connects People With Your Brand

Now that you have established your blog, you start posting content on a daily, or weekly basis to drive traffic to it. You have also successfully created a content strategy that helps you post content that is highly relevant and valuable to your audience, on a consistent basis.

Your potential customers get to see the knowledge and experience that you have gained in your field. They are beginning to see you as an expert as well all because of your blog.

With your consistent blog posts, you’ve been able to create an emotional connection with your target customers. They know what they would find when they come to your blog, and they like it. Your ability to create content that speaks to their emotions has made you a known name in the neighbourhood.

3. Blogging Drives Awareness To Your Business

Now that you have enough traffic on your blog, you should start talking about your restaurant in your blog posts. The best meals you offer and some other necessary details you are sure they would love.

From your blog posts, you’re getting people informed about your business, they now know that your restaurant exists and they’ve read all about your dishes and methods of preparation. They love how personal and relatable you are on your blog and they’ve decided to give your restaurant a try.

4. Blogging Helps You Generate Leads

You can use your blog to get leads by asking for people to sign up for your newsletters or offer a freebie in exchange for their emails. Once you have their emails, you can create weekly or monthly newsletters of great offers exclusively to your subscribers alone.

Once they sign up they have become leads, so with your exclusive offers and valuable content, let’s hope your subscribers will become potential customers. The best thing about blogging is, you can even reach people who are far from you. You are even attracting people who are not in your vicinity at all. This little blog of yours is steadily making you a star.

Think of your blog as your direct communication channel. It’s a space to talk in depth about your products and services, share timely content, and comment on relevant industry trends in a way that lets your brand personality shine.

Now you can connect with your existing and potential customers in a different, more conversational way. When people drop comments on your blog posts, you can respond to them in a conversational way thereby strenghtening your relationship with them.

You can ask for feedback on your services, ask them what they love most about your cooking, you can create a rapport with your audience, build trust, and gain valuable insight into what your customers are looking for. You are beginning to develop good relationships with your existing and potential customers.

5. Blogging Helps You Provide Value For Your Audience

Your blog posts will also help people solve problems, whether it’s a cooking recipe they need or information on the 10 best healthy breakfast or the best meals for nursing mothers. Just make sure you are adding value with your content and you are consistent with it.

Please note that if you’re only posting promotional content, your chances of attracting an audience will be slim. Including tips that make your audience’s lives easier is a sure fire way to build a profitable blog for your business. You can then introduce your products and services as part of the solutions you provide.

By taking the time and energy to provide beneficial content for free, you are actually building loyalty among potential customers who will become more likely to choose your company over your competitors when they are ready to buy.

As wonderfully easy as blogging for your business sounds, there are simple things you do that may hurt your blog, you need to be conscious of what these things are. You don’t want to see that all the efforts you’ve invested in building a profitable blog for your business is futile.

Now understand that success in blogging is not an overnight thing, you have to put in the work. You have to be consistent with it. Once you’ve started, choose a posting frequency and stick with it. Once a week, 3 times a month, etc. Choose. But don’t burn yourself out.

Also, you must use the best blogging platforms available, you can use Wordpress (which I highly recommend), or Blogger. Which ever one you choose, properly research how to use it and you’ll grow.

Finally, Network so well. Be confident and network with other bloggers within and outside your community and industry. Join new communities and always give value. Don’t focus on self promotion, instead, look for ways to help.

If you need help getting started with not just blogging, but creating a great online presence for your business, you can join my community.



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